One of the great myths of Islam is that there is only one true and original version of the Qur´an. This is simply not true as recent archeological discoveries reveal. Recent scholarship has clearly shown just the opposite of this fundamental and dogmatic Islamic affirmation. When a great deposit of ancient Quranic parchments was found in 1972 during the restoration of an great mosque of Sana´a, capital of north Yemen scholars actually found thousands of original versions of the Qur´an very different from the standard Cairo text used today.  This is a major major problem for Islamic dogma. Islam does not like textual criticism because it cannot stand up to such scholarly scrutiny of it´s supposedly absolutely pure text. Some Western scholars and textual critiques have even had to go into anonymity  to avoid being killed by zealous protectors of Allah. It seems that the Islamic Allah is too small and weak to protect Him self from the criticisms of the Kafrs.

The Bible to the contrary, has stood the test of time and Christian scholars actually affirms the need for textual criticism since it leads to the TRUE and original textual content. Many Christian scholars relish this study because it affirms their faith in an Inspired text worthy of confidence. Many Muslim scholars in spite of these studies  try to do the same, saying that these discoveries don´t change anything in the Muslim faith. Only time will tell. However they can no longer affirm with dogmatic confidence, that fundamental Islamic doctrine, that  there was one eternal and invariable Qur´an revealed to Muslims and that the Cairo text is indeed that version! Recent textual discoveries and studies call that belief very much into question and with ever increasing evidence.

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