The Ministry of Reza and Soraya in Central Asia

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Reza and Soraya  are experienced pastors and missionaries of the Lord Jesus the King. They have successfully carried out evangelization, missionary and community development work among government officials and tribal peoples in their native country in South America were they founded an NGO that helps tribal peoples.  Now Jesus is inviting them to initiate a ministry of evangelization, discipleship and church planting among the members of a major Muslim people group in Central Asia. Their vision is to see the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and King over their target people group. They will also be targeting a very special  minority muslim people group.

Reza and Soraya  urgently need your help in order that they can start their new lives, residence and mission among their beloved target people group. Please pray about becoming one of Reza´s and Soraya´s partners in this important Kingdom mission for the glory of King Jesus.

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Thanks for your prayers and kind offerings. We are in this together now!

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