Tribe to Tribe

Tribu a Tribu (T2T) es un movimiento misionero indígena que busca movilizar, entrenar y faciitar el envío juntamente con Iglesias locales y denominaciones a misioneros autóctonos y nacionales a los grupos humanos autóctonos no alcanzados en toda la tierra.  is blessed to have an international committe of faithful missionaries and Christian workers from Costa Rica, USA and Perú.  The conference is organized by the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood and  Green Earth Development Teams. The organizational committee is chaired by brother Randolph H. Sperger director of the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood. Distinguished committee members are:

  • Luis Eduard Blanco who has been  Costa Rican missionary among the Cabecar Tribe in Costa Rica for over 20 years.
  • Jorge Galvan a peruvian missonary with the NEWMA mission (New World Mission Association) from Peru working in Costa Rica.
  • Henry Martyn Gutierrez, Henry Martyn Estate Coffee and ex-missionary to Peru. He is planning to return to the Peruvian field soon to work with the Quechua Tribe.
  • Randy Sperger: committe chairman and founder of the HIMF mission.
  • Pastor Joshua Acón  del movimiento de Iglesias “La Hermandad”
  • Pastora Maureen Acón del movimiento de Iglesias “La Hermandad”

T2T is not just an event it is a process, the beginning of a movement of tribal peoples going to tribal peoples around the world. So there is much more that will need to be done after the conference.

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